My name is Tom Blubaugh.  In March 1998, at the age of 56, I found myself homeless.  God saved my life by leading me to a Christian shelter.  It was a safe place where I was a resident for five months.  At that time I joined the staff and was there over five years.  During that time I turned men away nearly every day because there was no vacancy, they had problems we could not deal with (medical or mental), they did not meet certain requirements, could not give up employment, could not deal with the structure, or for other reasons, could not enter the program.  It hurt me to see these men walk out the door and return to what they were hoping they could leave or change.


A vision started developing within me to start an outside support program for men like these where they could get a large share of the benefits of a full-time rehab program.  This is the beginning of this vision.  Through this website, The Genesis Project has a world wide presence that is available to those seeking support regardless of their location.  Although it is a virtual location, as opposed to a brick and mortar building, it, nonetheless, is a safe place where one can go to find help, support, and a sense of belonging.  God is the Author and Finisher of this vision.


Genesis Project means the beginning of a planned undertaking.  That undertaking is the start of a new or different life.  No one can change their past but they can, by the grace of God, change their future.