What is the purpose of The Genesis Project?

To further the Gospel. To offer a perspective on creationism. To help addicts, regardless of the type of addiction, begin a new life. It is a spiritually based effort to reorder the spiritual priorities of one’s life. (See the Founder’s Message for quotes and more)

Who can participate in The Genesis Project?

It is open to anyone who is trying to improve their life. As my testimony indicates, I (Tom) was not a true addict (other than to work), but the recipient and victim of those who were. Whether you personally are an addict or know someone who is, pursuing Jesus Christ for purpose and meaning, and healing!, is the answer. Statistics tell us that 85% of our country’s population is either addicted or somehow affected by someone who is.

Can I copy the pages and/or materials from The Genesis Project website?

All of the material on this website can be reproduced and used. Some links on this site go to pages of other sites. Once you leave The Genesis Project website you must obtain permission from other site owners.

If I want to start a recovery group, can I use The Genesis Project materials displayed on the site?

Absolutely! I want to share these life changing materials with as many as possible.

How can I submit questions that are not answered in the FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions).

In the about us page, there are links to the websites of Tom or Jeff. You can contact either of us at those sites. Tom is one who founded this ministry. Jeff is new, and has contributed to this ministry site with articles on creationism and understanding the Gospel.